Professor Rebecca Bailey-Harris


French-speaking matrimonial practitioner and former professor of law who specialises in cases across borders, particularly Brussels II and jurisdictional disputes. Sources respect her for her wealth of knowledge in this area. Strengths: "Applies her throbbing brain expertly to international issues." "If you have a complex case she can simplify matters and come to an amicable settlement. She is easy to deal with, she cuts through all the rubbish and she reaches an agreement if there is one to be made." ‘Her strength is the detailed preparation and reassurance to clients. If I have a jurisdiction nightmare brewing, she is my first call!’

Chambers and Partners 2021 and Legal 500 2021


Rebecca was formerly an academic lawyer with positions including Foundation Professor and Dean of Law at the Flinders University of South Australia 1991 – 1994 and Professor of Law at the University of Bristol 1994 -2005 where she also served as Dean of the Faculty of Law. Professor Emerita, University of  Bristol from 2005.

Part-time Commissioner, Australian Law Reform Commission 1991 - 1995

Rebecca was a pupil at 1 Mitre Court from 2000 and became a tenant from 2002.  In full time practice at 1 Hare Court from 2005

Rebecca specializes in:

  • International cross-jurisdictional disputes involving principal relief and financial remedies both within the EU and outside it.  She is fluent in French
  • Financial remedy cases
  • Disputes involving unmarried couples under TOLATA and the general principles of equity
  • Private law disputes concerning children

Rebecca qualified as a mediator in 2012 and for direct access instruction in 2015

Cross-jurisdictional disputes, financial remedies, TOLATA disputes, private law children cases.


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Potanin v Potanina  [2019] EWHC 2956


Rebecca has published widely in both Australia and England, through books and articles in academic and professional journals.

In Australia Rebecca co-authored two major textbooks: Family Law in Australia and Family Law: Cases, Materials and Commentary.

In England Rebecca has co-authored the major texts Rayden and Jackson on Divorce and Family Matters (Lexis Nexis, 18th edition 2005, and quarterly updating service) and Cretney’s Principles of Family Law (Thomson, 8th ed 2008).

Rebecca is an editor of the Family Law Reports and a monthly case commentator for Family Law.

She is a consultant editor of International Family Law


FLBA, Resolution, Oxford & Cambridge Club


  • Colston’s Girls’ School, Bristol
  • MA and B.C.L. University of Oxford (Somerville College)


Chambers and Partners

"A seriously good advocate who, despite her clear academic prowess, talks the client's language and is both approachable and charming to work with."

"Renowned for her expertise in private law family disputes and cases involving international elements. She has one of the foremost intellects at the family bar. She is the go to for complicated family cases because of her academic background"

"Handles European and multi-jurisdictional financial disputes, applying her extensive experience as a legal academic to her practice with great effect. Her knowledge of the law is second to none in terms of those areas and she’s a very good cross-examiner"

"She is ideal when you have some cutting edge legal issues. She will be able to finesse a document and give advice several months in advance of everybody else and interpret it in a legally astute manner. The judges will probably quote one of her articles as a reference. She is very nice with clients and will talk at the level they understand"

"Highly intelligent, technically bang on the mark and pragmatic." 

Legal 500

"An academic powerhouse"

"The most sought after junior on cross-jurisdictional matters involving European maintenance orders"

"She is very erudite."




Married  to Michael (retired) with two adult stepsons