Quality Assurance

We recognise that our professional and lay clients expect and deserve good service. This means more than striving for excellence on paper and in court: it means that we should also be approachable, accessible and efficient.

We commit ourselves fully to maintaining a high level of expertise in our specialist area of practice, both as advocates and advisors.

We aim to have a fair and competitive fee structure, which will be the subject of periodic reviews.

The continuation of traditions which have shaped these Chambers over their long history will ensure that we continue to deliver to our clients first class work backed up by first class service.


If you would like further information on our fees across the range of our members, please contact the Senior Clerk, Steve McCrone.

Equal Opportunities

Chambers’ policy is to endeavour to promote the concept of equal opportunities. We approach all matters, including recruitment and employment, on the basis of equal opportunities.

As regards disabled or infirm clients, we will facilitate access to our premises and, where necessary, arrange conferences at locations convenient to them.

Diversity Data

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Members of Chambers, their clerks and other support staff pride themselves on providing a first class service to lay clients and solicitors. However, we recognise that issues can arise which lay clients or solicitors may wish to raise as complaints or concerns. We operate a clear procedure and aim to deal with complaints or concerns efficiently.

Any client or solicitor who wishes to raise a complaint may do so directly with the barrister concerned, the Senior Clerk (Steve McCrone) or the Head of Chambers. Complaints are monitored by a senior QC to ensure they are dealt with efficiently.

If further information about our procedure is required, please contact Steve McCrone or Sarah Hardwicke (Chambers Administrator).

Indemnity Insurance

Members of Chambers all hold professional indemnity insurance provided by Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Limited. This Insurance provides cover for claims brought anywhere in the world.

Standard Terms and Conditions

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