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Brexit and Family Law: Where are we now?

Rebecca Bailey-Harris Introduction The UK has finally completed its exit from the European Union: it had been a long drawn -out process since the referendum result of 23 June 2016. The European U...

2016 Lecture handouts

The 1 Hare court seminar 2016 handout  English Divorce guide for Russians

2015 Lecture handouts

"Special Contributions" - Joshua Viney "Press reporting and confidentiality of financial remedy proceedings: an overview" - Tim Bishop QC "Leave to Remove - from the welfare principle to Payne an...

2014 Lecture handouts

"The Forum Shopper’s Handbook to Habitual Residence" - Joshua Viney "'It’s not mine, it’s his': a quick sprint through trusts" - Eleanor Harris "'Were we ever married?' A guide to marriage-spotti...

2013 Lecture handouts